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                              Romake’s Vision 

“             Prepare all enrolled children with  strong foundation in Bilingual Education." 

Preparandome para Mi Futuro!                           

                   Romake’s Goal

“Provide each child with the best quality care and education available.  Work as a team with our parents to form their children as they prepare to enter the school system.”

Romake believes parents and teachers are to work hand in hand in order to accomplish the goals set for their child.  Parents are our partners in this mission; without their cooperation our efforts will be unsuccessful.
The development of the children is complex at times and it is essential to ensure they are developing according to their age.  In order to evaluate each one of the children; we have assesments that will indicate where each one of them is and this in return help us to talk to our parents and we are able to set goals and objectives for their child for the current year.

                           We hope you can come and visit our centers and team up with us to educate and raise your precious joy!