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        Our Infants & Toddlers' Program

Our toddlers are spoken only in Spanish.  They understand their teachers, they even ask for things in Spanish.  Parents come to us asking what do they mean by leche or jugo.  The children are using their new learned second language skills at home.   Our teachers are very caring and loving with our toddlers.  They care for they as their own.  The children feel right at home.

In our infants and toddlers room we provide the best quality care available.  Our infants are given special attention to their specific needs.  We start caring for them at 6 weeks.  We provide their meals and formula/milk.  Parents are informed daily of their routine for that day.  If we see something unusual with any of our infants we will call parents immediately to make sure they are aware, and to let us know if they wish for us to assist them in taking care of the matter.

They are exposed music in English and Spanish, they have toys according to their age group, and they will do some activities according to their age.  This will assist in thier development.

Our Toddlers start learning about routines in this classroom getting them ready for preschool.  During the school year they have an educational schedule to follow every morning.  They go to the library at least twice a month depending on weather.  They are spoken to in Spanish at all times, they watch Spanish programs at the end of the day, and they have free play in the afternoon.

During the Summer the teachers concentrate on potty training.  To prepare them to move up to the preschool room. So far we have at least 98% of the toddlers accomplish this challenge.  They have special activities during the Summer like going to the park, play in the pool in playground area and go to the library.

Parents receive a daily report of their activities and their work for the day.