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School Age Program

We are adding more space for our school age children!  This will allow them to have for extra areas they will use for their school work and our tutoring sessions.

We offer our school age group assistance with their homework and with any area they may have  challenge.  We want to make sure our kids receive what they need in order for them  to succeed in school.

We work on their reading, writing, math and technology skills during the school year.  During the Summer they have a Spanish Course for eight weeks.  They learn to read and write in Spanish; and work on their speaking skills.

During the Summer the children concentrate on learning the Spanish language for a period of eight weeks.  They go on weekly field trips so they can still enjoy the Summer Days!  There is a fee for these activities; if you wish them to participate.

Our schoolagers love going on field trips once a week.  They enjoy it after learning Spanish and polishing their reading and writing skills during the Summer days.   They get to go to the park and library twice a week.  The schoolage group also loves to work on computers and prepare a play for their parents to enjoy at the end of the Summer.  All our children participate every year in the library  Summer Reading Program.